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Personal Injury Case Results Over $1 Million

Verdicts and Settlements

Kent County Circuit Court

Intentional tort exception to workers' compensation; exclusive remedy/toxic chemical exposure caused liver damage

Kent County Circuit Court

Dramshop and premises liability; assault & battery caused traumatic brain injury

Kent County Circuit Court

Legal malpractice; Liquor license transfer caused the loss of restaurant profit

Kent County Circuit Court

Medical malpractice; NICU catheter improper placement caused instant death

Saginaw Circuit Court

Tortious interference with contract by crop insurance agent caused the loss of farm

Kent County Settlement

Intentional tort exception to workers compensation Exclusive remedy; Factory injury caused loss of fingers

Charlevoix County Settlement

Negligence fireworks explosion caused injury to leg

Georgia Settlement

Semi-truck crash caused death

Muskegon Settlement

Infant formula contamination caused brain injury

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