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Michigan Crop Insurance Litigation Attorney

Michigan crop insurance litigation lawyer fights insurance companies for you

Getting You Justice If Crop Insurance Fails You

Crop insurance helps ensure that agricultural producers have income to rely on when circumstances out of their control threaten their livelihood. Unfortunately, resolving crop insurance claims can be more complex than getting compensation for an injury or a motor vehicle accident. The US Department of Agriculture reinsures and subsidizes crop insurance policies, so claims and appeals often must go through the gauntlet of the Risk Management Agency.

Litigating an unfairly denied claim demands a close understanding of the crop insurance system and a skilled hand in litigation. Farmers and agricultural producers have trusted John D. Tallman, PLC, to resolve their legal matters for decades. If you have concerns regarding your crop insurance claim, contact our firm today.

Protect Yourself From Unfair Insurance Practices

You may want to believe that insurance companies are on your side, but the reality is that they will avoid compensating a claim if they can. A denied claim can erase the fruits of months of toil, leaving you without a sizable part of your income.

Before reaching litigation, a crop insurance dispute may be resolved through mediation or arbitration. Almost all appeals between a farmer and a private insurer must go through arbitration under the terms of the Common Crop Insurance Policy. Farmers seeking appeals have a limited window to file a demand for arbitration with their insurance provider and initiate the arbitration process.

Our firm can assist you with preparing and filing the demand for arbitration on time. Our legal team has a sterling record of success negotiating on behalf of our clients in arbitration, and our extensive knowledge of the crop insurance system has helped many clients resolve disputes before reaching litigation.

Aggressive Representation Until Resolution

If alternative dispute resolution methods do not obtain the best possible outcome for you, litigation may be the next step.

John D. Tallman, PLC, was founded to help protect members of the greater Grand Rapids community through strong legal representation. From your initial consultation, we begin preparing as though going to court is an inevitability. Thorough preparation and a detailed understanding of the unique circumstances of your appeal are crucial to achieving positive results.

Call Today To Begin Holding Your Insurance Provider Responsible

Whether you are claiming the negligence of your insurance agent or arguing the terms of your coverage, John D. Tallman, PLC, can help you find a resolution. Contact our office in Grand Rapids to schedule a free case evaluation. Call us at 616-361-8850 or fill out the online contact form. We serve farmers and growers throughout Michigan.

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