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Drunk and impaired drivers are one of the most serious dangers facing motorists and other users of Michigan's roadways. Of the roughly 1,000 car accident fatalities that occur in Michigan each year, alcohol is a factor in nearly one-third. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, otherwise known as operating while intoxicated (OWI) is a criminal offense in Michigan, but a criminal charge or conviction alone does not necessarily mean that the at-fault driver will have to provide compensation to anyone who was injured or killed in a drunk driving car accident.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver and are seeking compensation for your damages, you need a personal injury attorney who can advise and represent you through the liability claim process. Attorney John D. Tallman, PLC, has the experience you can rely on, with almost 40 years of helping personal injury and wrongful death clients in cases involving drunk driving. We understand how much these accidents can impact your life, and we are committed to seeing your case through to the end so that you get the relief you need. We require no compensation from you unless and until we achieve a settlement or verdict on your case.

Pursuing Compensation After a Grand Rapids Drunk Driving Accident

As with most car accidents in Michigan, if you are injured by a drunk driver you will likely be able to receive some compensation for your expenses and losses through the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy included with your car insurance. However, many drunk driving accidents result in severe and catastrophic injuries with huge medical expenses and lingering effects that can impact your ability to work and your physical and emotional state for the rest of your life. In these cases, PIP coverage may not be enough to fully compensate for your damages, and you will need to pursue a liability claim against the drunk driver.

The good news is that drunk driving is usually a clear example of the other driver's negligence because of the threat it poses to everyone on the road. Any evidence of the driver's impairment can strengthen your liability claim, and if the driver was speeding, driving recklessly, or breaking other traffic laws in addition to driving under the influence, you likely have further grounds to establish negligence on their part.

Help From a Kent County Car Accident Attorney

When you work with us, we can advise you as to whether you have a case for a liability claim and help you start gathering evidence as soon as possible, including photo and video footage of the accident, eyewitness testimony, police reports, and results of blood alcohol content tests. We can also help you identify any other parties who may share in the liability under Michigan's dram shop law, which makes it illegal for businesses to sell alcohol to a minor or a person who is visibly intoxicated. The host of a party serving alcohol may also be found liable for similar reasons. Proving liability in a dram shop case usually requires additional evidence and timely notification of the business that you intend to pursue a lawsuit, both of which we can assist with.

After gathering all evidence and filing the lawsuit, we will represent you in settlement negotiations with the liable parties and their insurance providers with the goal of reaching an agreement that reflects the extent of your economic and non-economic damages. In some cases, a settlement is not possible and a trial is necessary, but you can rest assured that we have the courtroom experience to present a strong case for you under those circumstances.

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When you have been injured by a drunk driver, hiring an attorney as soon as possible gives you the best chance of obtaining the evidence you need to build a strong case for compensation and relief. Contact us today at 616-361-8850 for a free consultation. We are proud to serve clients in Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and throughout Kent County, Ottawa County, Muskegon County, and the Lower Peninsula.

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