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Dealing With a Drunk Driver After a Crash

 Posted on February 24, 2022 in Personal Injury

Kent County Car Accident LawyerGrand Rapids is known for its local breweries. With all the excellent beer options offered, many visitors enjoy trying a few - or more than a few. If they take an Uber, walk, use public transportation, or appoint a designated driver, then all should be well and we are glad they came out to support our local businesses. However, when they choose to drive themselves after overindulging, there is likely to be a problem. They could cause a crash involving you. Most instructional guides explaining what to do after a car accident presume the other driver is sober and behaving rationally. This is not always the case. Dealing with a drunk driver after a car accident can be a bit different. 

If you were involved in a car accident with someone who should have found a safer way home from one of our breweries, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney promptly. You may have a very strong claim. 

What Should I Do After an Accident When the Other Driver is Drunk?

Another driver hits you. You pull your vehicle off the road if you are able to and get out to go speak to the other driver. The other driver nearly falls out of his vehicle, smelling as if he had fallen into a vat of beer and begins shouting obscenities at you as if this situation is your fault.  It becomes clear that a polite exchange of information is not going to happen. 

Here are some tips for handling this situation: 

  • Confrontation - Do not attempt to confront a driver who seems very intoxicated and is acting aggressively. Your attempts at getting them to hand you their insurance card are unlikely to succeed. You may be tempted to yell back or argue with the drunk - after all, they did just crash into you. However, this will not be productive and could lead to an altercation you do not need. 

  • Safety - Drunk drivers can become agitated after a crash. They may worry about getting arrested and get angry at you. If the drunk driver is frightening you or making you feel unsafe, getting to a safe place is important. While leaving the scene is generally inadvisable, you can go to a safe location to await the police if you are being threatened. Getting back in your car and locking the doors is one option. If you are near a business like a store or restaurant, you can walk inside. 

  • Call 911 - Most drunk driving accidents warrant a 911 call, particularly if the drunk driver is becoming aggressive or anyone is injured. Alert the operator if you are still in fear for your safety. Let the police handle the drunk driver. 

Call a Grand Rapids Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

After you have made it to safety and filed a police report, call John D. Tallman, PLC, Attorney at Law. Our experienced Grand Rapids drunk driving accident lawyers will help you recover as much compensation as possible. Call 616-361-8850 to let us know what happened and arrange a free consultation. 



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