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Semi-Truck Driver Fatigue and Your Truck Accident Injury Claim

 Posted on February 08, 2023 in Personal Injury

Kent County Personal Injury LawyerCommercial truck drivers are a crucial part of our national infrastructure. They drive hundreds of miles carrying cargo in their large semi-trucks, often working long shifts and overnight hours. But driving for too long without rest can lead to dangerous levels of fatigue that can endanger the lives of everyone on the roads they share with other drivers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that truck drivers abide by certain "hours of service" rules that limit how long a driver can drive consecutively without taking a break. Sleep deprivation impairs a driver's ability to operate a commercial vehicle safely, and hours of service violations greatly increase the chances of a collision.

If you or a loved one were involved in a collision with a commercial truck, it is important to know how FMCSA violations may be used as evidence in your case.

Sleepy Truck Drivers Are More Likely to Make Dangerous Driving Mistakes

Truck driving is an incredibly demanding job. Drivers are on the road for long shifts and often drive at night. This can lead to drowsy driving, which is extremely dangerous. Studies show that driving while sleep deprived has similar effects on response speed and driving abilities as being legally intoxicated. Consequently, the federal government has placed limits on how long a driver may operate the truck without a rest break.

According to FMCSA regulations, truck drivers hauling cargo are limited to 11 hours of consecutive driving time. Commercial drivers carrying passengers are limited to ten hours of drive time. Drivers are also required to take a 30-minute break after driving for 8 hours. These rest periods are intended to prevent fatigue-related accidents. However, some drivers violate the rules and drive beyond what is safe. Drivers may even be encouraged by their employer to violate the hours of service rules in order to deliver goods faster or to increase profits.

Holding a Truck Driver or Trucking Company Responsible for a Crash

If you or a loved one were harmed in a crash involving a semi-truck, you may be able to pursue an injury claim against the driver, the trucking company, or other at-fault parties. In order to build a strong case, it is important to investigate the accident and gather as much evidence as possible. Evidence such as trucking logs, cell phone records, event data recorder information, video footage from onboard cameras, and eyewitness accounts may be used to argue that a truck driver violated hours of service regulations.

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