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Signs That Your Loved One Is Being Neglected in a Nursing Home

 Posted on January 17, 2022 in Personal Injury

Kent County Nursing Home Abuse LawyerSome forms of nursing home abuse are quite easy to spot. If the abuse or neglect is severe, there may be obvious signs like bruising or serious bedsores. Other types of neglect can be more insidious and difficult to identify. If someone you love is being cared for in a nursing facility, it is important to monitor them so that you can take action quickly, at the first sign of a problem.

If your loved one has already suffered harm of any kind as a result of nursing home neglect, they may be legally entitled to recover financial compensation. Contacting an attorney for a case evaluation is a good move if you suspect that a nursing home is not adequately caring for your loved one. 

Why is Nursing Home Neglect Hard to Spot?

Many nursing home residents suffer from age-related mental incapacities and are unable to communicate to their families what is happening. Those with dementia or Alzheimer’s may not be taken seriously if they do say something to a loved one, who may believe the nursing home resident is merely confused. 

Additionally, people expect nursing home residents to be in poor health. Health issues that are attributable to neglect may be mistaken for a normal part of the resident’s aging or disease progression. 

What Less Obvious Signs of Neglect Should I Look For?

When visiting your loved one in a nursing home, there are signs you can look for. Some may be harder to spot if you are relying on virtual visits due to the pandemic. Anything that seems off may be worth a closer look. Watch out for: 

  • Sudden behavior changes 

  • Unexplained or repeated injuries

  • Poor hygiene

  • Unclean surroundings

  • Unexplained weight loss

  • Missing money or belongings

  • Social withdrawal

  • Medication doses missed

  • Hard-to-reach staff

It is important to note that many of these concerns can have mundane explanations other than neglect or abuse. The health and mental status of elderly people can change for normal medical reasons, and an occasional bump or scrape may be unavoidable in this setting. 

However, if you begin to notice multiple signs popping up at once, or a pattern starts to emerge, it is best to investigate further. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help determine whether neglect is taking place and guide you through the next steps. 

Call a Michigan Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

John D. Tallman, PLC, Attorney at Law wants to help you protect your vulnerable loved ones from unsafe nursing homes. Our skilled Grand Rapids nursing home neglect lawyers can help you investigate your loved one’s circumstances and if necessary, take action to protect them and even file a claim for compensation. Call our law office at 616-361-8850 so we can arrange a free consultation. 




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