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Top 5 Foods That Cause Food Poisoning in Grand Rapids

 Posted on February 08, 2022 in Personal Injury

Kent County Personal Injury LawyerIf you have experienced food poisoning after ordering food from a local eatery, you may be wondering exactly what made you sick. Was it undercooked chicken? Vegetables that were not washed? Often, food poisoning–a type of personal injury–is caused by some kind of carelessness on the part of a restaurant. Especially now, with staffing shortages rampant, restaurants may be increasingly inclined to cut corners that put the health and safety of their customers at risk. Food poisoning can be very serious, especially for those who are already in poor health or otherwise vulnerable. If you were recently sickened in a food poisoning incident after eating out, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney who may be able to help you recover financial compensation. 

Which Foods Are Most Commonly Linked to Food Poisoning in Restaurants?

If you believe that your food poisoning was caused by a local restaurant, it is important to speak to an attorney rather than contacting the restaurant directly. While almost any food can cause food poisoning if negligently handled, these foods are frequently the culprit: 

  • Sprouts - There is a very good reason that Jimmy John’s took sprouts off their menu entirely back in 2017. Multiple cases of serious food poisoning were linked to alfalfa sprouts. The conditions sprouts are grown in tend to invite the growth of bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. 

  • Ground turkey - Many health-conscious Kent County residents have tried swapping out ground beef in favor of ground turkey. However, even slightly undercooking poultry can be far more dangerous than eating rare ground beef. A 2013 study revealed that nearly 70% of ground turkey sampled from various eateries contained a dangerous form of the bacteria Enterococcus, and roughly 60% contained E. coli. 

  • Pre-cut fruit - The problem is not necessarily the fruit itself - it is the conditions under which it is cut and stored. Cross-contamination in the kitchen is a risk. Hurried staff may not adequately sanitize the surface or knives they are using to slice fruit. 

  • Raw vegetables - There is more bad news for our healthy eaters. Leafy greens are commonly linked to food poisoning incidents. Restaurants frequently rely on pre-cut greens, which may not have been properly washed. Bacteria are given a chance to multiply while sitting in the refrigerator, and because there is no cooking process, there is no chance for pathogens to be destroyed by heat. 

  • Cold cuts - Sliced deli meats that are not heated before being served may contain staph. Part of the problem is that these meats are often high in sodium, which provides an excellent environment for this pathogen to grow. 

If you have recently eaten one of these foods and become sick, it may be worth having an attorney help you determine whether a careless restaurant is responsible for your illness. 

Call a Kent County Food Poisoning Lawyer

John D. Tallman, PLC, Attorney at Law represents those who have become ill due to the negligence of an eatery. If this has happened to you, contact one of our skilled Grand Rapids food poisoning attorneys. We are very flexible and can meet with you virtually from your home or hospital room. Call 616-361-8850 for a free consultation. 




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