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What Are Common Types of Hazing Injuries?

 Posted on October 26, 2021 in Personal Injury

Kent County College Hazing LawyerCollege campuses are supposed to be a safe place for young adults to study and learn. Yet, campuses can be dangerous places. One of the biggest dangers to young people on college campuses may be other young people. Hazing is a practice as old as time, but the risks associated with it have led to hazing being not only banned on most campuses, but outright illegal in many places, including Michigan. If you were injured as a result of hazing, you should seek medical attention, and then get in touch with a qualified attorney. Quick investigation can be the key to recovering damages in hazing cases, and evidence may not last long on campus. 

What Types of Injuries Does Hazing Cause? 

Hazing can be done in many different ways. While hazing is often associated with sororities and fraternities, other student groups, official or unofficial, will haze just about any student. Some forms of hazing may be harmless, but others can be deadly. Some of the most common forms of hazing injuries include: 

  • Excessive intoxication injuries - A common form of hazing involves forcing new students to consume large quantities of drugs, alcohol, or both. This can result in life-threatening overdose, often requiring treatment in the emergency room. Excessive intoxication can cause other injuries, like those resulting from falls or other accidents that could have been avoided had the victim not been so intoxicated. 

  • Branding injuries - Although the practice has slowed down in the past few decades with the passage of anti-hazing laws, some groups still try to permanently mark the bodies of their members. This can include tattooing or burning a symbol or word onto the victim, and often results in permanent disfigurement. 

  • Psychological Injury - Even if a young person is not seriously physically harmed during hazing rituals, the psychological harm resulting from being humiliated or put in a dangerous situation can be extreme. PTSD, anxiety, and other serious mental harms can result from hazing. 

If you were hurt by hazing, you should strongly consider speaking to an attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

Call a Kent County College Campus Injuries Attorney

Hazing is not harmless fun -- it puts people in danger. If you got hurt because you were being hazed, call a Grand Rapids college campus injuries lawyer. The experienced lawyers of Tallman Personal Injury Law are available to meet with you in your home or hospital room if you are not able to come to us. Call 616-361-8850 for a free consultation. 




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