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Who is Liable for Electric Scooter Injuries in Grand Rapids?

 Posted on May 19, 2021 in Personal Injury

Grand Rapids MI personal injury lawyerElectric scooters are an increasingly popular means of transportation in the U.S., especially in urban areas and on college campuses where companies like Bird, Lime, and Spin make their scooters available for short-term rental. However, the growing availability of scooters has been accompanied by more injuries, with almost 40,000 riders requiring emergency room treatment between 2014 and 2018. If you are injured in a scooter accident in the Grand Rapids area, it is important to consider your options for covering your medical expenses and other damages.

Accidents Between Scooters and Motor Vehicles

If, while riding an electric scooter, you are injured in a collision with a car, truck, or other type of motor vehicle, you may have a couple of options for recovering compensation. One option is to file a claim through the no-fault insurance coverage that Michigan law requires for anyone who drives a motor vehicle. An electric scooter is not considered a motor vehicle itself, but scooter riders who have a no-fault insurance policy for another vehicle may still be able to benefit from the coverage. As long as the accident involves a motor vehicle, no-fault personal injury coverage can take effect regardless of who caused the collision.

However, no-fault coverage often comes in limited dollar amounts, so if your injuries are severe, it might not be sufficient to compensate for all of your damages. In this case, you may be able to recover additional compensation through a personal injury claim if you can demonstrate the negligence of the motor vehicle driver who caused the collision. An attorney can help you gather evidence and document your economic and non-economic damages so that you can pursue a fair settlement.

Is the Scooter Company Ever Liable?

You might expect that if you are injured while using a scooter rental service like Lime or Bird, the company would be liable for your injuries. However, it can be extremely difficult to hold these companies accountable. Typically, they include a liability waiver in their terms of use, which you will need to agree to before being able to use the app and rent a scooter. They also may include a provision requiring you to use arbitration to resolve any disputes you may have with the company. However, it may be possible to claim compensation if you are injured due to a defect in the scooter, and you have evidence that the company is directly responsible for the defect.

Contact a Grand Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer

Whenever you are injured and you believe someone else may be at fault, it is worth consulting with an experienced attorney who can help you decide how to proceed. Attorney John D. Tallman will review the details of your case, and if you have a claim against a negligent party, he will represent you with the goal of securing a settlement or verdict that accounts for all damages. Contact our Grand Rapids personal injury attorney today for a free consultation by calling 616-361-8850.





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