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Who Is Liable for Michigan Construction Site Injuries?

 Posted on October 27, 2020 in Personal Injury

Kent County, MI personal injury attorney construction accident

Construction can be a dangerous job, involving heavy machinery, close contact with potential electrical and gas hazards, and risky work environments. Medical expenses and lost wages from on-the-job injuries can usually be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation benefits, but as a recent Michigan case illustrates, many construction site accidents involve third-party liability, which opens up another avenue for pursuing compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit.

Dangers for Michigan Road Construction Workers

In recent weeks, a road construction worker in East Michigan was struck and killed by a passing driver in a hit-and-run accident. This incident is one of several that have affected Michigan road construction employees over the years, and it is representative of the risk of injury due to a negligent party that many construction workers face. Road construction workers are particularly susceptible to drunk and distracted drivers, as well as those who fail to obey reduced speed limits in construction zones.

Other Third-Party Liability in Michigan Construction Accidents

In addition to drivers, many other parties may be liable for construction site accidents that injure or kill employees. Examples of liable third parties may include:

  • Other employees on the construction site

  • Manufacturers of equipment, machinery, and scaffolding

  • Other contractors working on the same property

  • The property owner

If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you may be entitled to compensation from one or more of these parties if their negligence contributed to unsafe conditions that caused the accident. In most cases, working with an experienced personal injury attorney gives you the best chance of identifying all liable parties and collecting evidence to demonstrate their fault, including pictures and video of the accident scene, testimony from witnesses, and project records.

A personal injury lawsuit can help you obtain compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering beyond what is covered by workers’ compensation benefits, which can be important in the case of catastrophic injuries with long-term effects. In the case of a fatal accident, an attorney can also represent the victim’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue compensation for damages, including funeral expenses and loss of companionship.

Contact a Grand Rapids Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Attorney John D. Tallman represents victims in all manner of Michigan personal injury cases, and he is committed to helping construction workers pursue the compensation they deserve from all negligent parties. Contact our diligent and dedicated Kent County, MI personal injury lawyer today at 616-361-8850 to schedule a free consultation.





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