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Kent County Bed Sore Injury LawyerBedsores are often associated with very elderly and very ill bedbound patients in nursing homes. However, even younger and healthier people can suffer from these painful sores, also called “pressure ulcers” while recovering from a serious injury in an inpatient rehabilitation center. People often enter these facilities in a vulnerable state, not expecting to suffer further injury due to neglect. Unfortunately, some of these facilities are less careful than they need to be with their patients. If you or your loved one suffered bedsores while in a rehab center, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation.

What Are Rehabilitation Centers Used For?

These facilities are often used as a sort of “middle ground” between being in the hospital and being at home. Unlike nursing homes, these facilities are generally for short-term stays. People of all ages may stay in these centers while recovering from long-term major injuries. Rehab patients are typically too sick or injured to return home yet and are in need of around-the-clock care. Many of them are transported directly from the hospital to rehab centers. Injuries and conditions that may be treated in rehab centers include: 

  • Traumatic brain injury


Kent County Car Accident LawyerGrand Rapids is known for its local breweries. With all the excellent beer options offered, many visitors enjoy trying a few - or more than a few. If they take an Uber, walk, use public transportation, or appoint a designated driver, then all should be well and we are glad they came out to support our local businesses. However, when they choose to drive themselves after overindulging, there is likely to be a problem. They could cause a crash involving you. Most instructional guides explaining what to do after a car accident presume the other driver is sober and behaving rationally. This is not always the case. Dealing with a drunk driver after a car accident can be a bit different. 

If you were involved in a car accident with someone who should have found a safer way home from one of our breweries, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney promptly. You may have a very strong claim. 

What Should I Do After an Accident When the Other Driver is Drunk?

Another driver hits you. You pull your vehicle off the road if you are able to and get out to go speak to the other driver. The other driver nearly falls out of his vehicle, smelling as if he had fallen into a vat of beer and begins shouting obscenities at you as if this situation is your fault.  It becomes clear that a polite exchange of information is not going to happen. 


Kent County Personal Injury LawyerIf you have experienced food poisoning after ordering food from a local eatery, you may be wondering exactly what made you sick. Was it undercooked chicken? Vegetables that were not washed? Often, food poisoning–a type of personal injury–is caused by some kind of carelessness on the part of a restaurant. Especially now, with staffing shortages rampant, restaurants may be increasingly inclined to cut corners that put the health and safety of their customers at risk. Food poisoning can be very serious, especially for those who are already in poor health or otherwise vulnerable. If you were recently sickened in a food poisoning incident after eating out, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney who may be able to help you recover financial compensation. 

Which Foods Are Most Commonly Linked to Food Poisoning in Restaurants?

If you believe that your food poisoning was caused by a local restaurant, it is important to speak to an attorney rather than contacting the restaurant directly. While almost any food can cause food poisoning if negligently handled, these foods are frequently the culprit: 

  • Sprouts - There is a very good reason that Jimmy John’s took sprouts off their menu entirely back in 2017. Multiple cases of serious food poisoning were linked to alfalfa sprouts. The conditions sprouts are grown in tend to invite the growth of bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. 


Kent County Motorcycle Accident LawyerBeing hit by a negligent driver in a bigger vehicle is something every motorcyclist fears. It can be bad enough when a motorcycle crash does not involve another vehicle. Car versus motorcycle accidents can be devastating. As bikers know, there is very little to protect a rider from the impact of being struck by a car. Drivers have a duty to pay attention to and avoid colliding with all other vehicles on the road, including motorcycles and even bicycles in the roadway. Yet, some drivers become complacent and forget to keep an eye out for harder-to-spot modes of transportation, putting motorcyclists at risk. 

If you were hit by a car while riding, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your injuries and other costs related to the accident, like lost wages. Or, if you tragically lost an immediate family member in one of these accidents, you may be able to file a wrongful death action. 

What Negligent Behaviors Cause Drivers to Strike Motorcyclists?

Motorcycle accidents frequently result in very serious injuries or fatalities. Long-term disabilities or extended hospital stays are very common. Driver’s are responsible for using appropriate care to avoid causing these injuries to others. Common careless mistakes drivers make that cause these accidents include: 


Kent County Nursing Home Abuse LawyerSome forms of nursing home abuse are quite easy to spot. If the abuse or neglect is severe, there may be obvious signs like bruising or serious bedsores. Other types of neglect can be more insidious and difficult to identify. If someone you love is being cared for in a nursing facility, it is important to monitor them so that you can take action quickly, at the first sign of a problem.

If your loved one has already suffered harm of any kind as a result of nursing home neglect, they may be legally entitled to recover financial compensation. Contacting an attorney for a case evaluation is a good move if you suspect that a nursing home is not adequately caring for your loved one. 

Why is Nursing Home Neglect Hard to Spot?

Many nursing home residents suffer from age-related mental incapacities and are unable to communicate to their families what is happening. Those with dementia or Alzheimer’s may not be taken seriously if they do say something to a loved one, who may believe the nursing home resident is merely confused. 


Kent Count Car Accident LawyerThe dangers of cell phone usage while driving are well known. Drivers who are looking down to type a message may fail to spot a hazard and cause an accident. However, distracted driving has been around a lot longer than cell phones. Even before people had phones in their cars at all, distracted driving crashes happened all the time. 

If you were injured in a car accident and suspect that the at-fault driver was distracted, you will need to speak to an attorney who can help investigate and gather evidence. Proving driver distraction after a car accident can be tricky, especially if the driver was distracted by something other than a cell phone. 

What Distractions Other Than Cell Phones Take Drivers’ Attention Off the Road?

While cell phones are probably the most common culprit for distracted driving accidents nowadays, there are other types of distractions that can cause a driver to take their eyes off the road long enough to cause a wreck. The driver who collided with you could have been paying attention to: 


Kent County Premises Liability LawyerWinter weather can be delightful, but it can also bring a host of dangers. There is ice and snow to slip in or hydroplane on, and frostbite to worry about. Now that it is fully dark outside by the time most people are leaving work, there may be additional safety concerns related to crime. Parking lots outside bars, malls, and other businesses can become dangerous in the evenings when there is little light and not enough security. 

For some businesses, failing to provide adequate security when there is a known risk of criminal activity can lead to premises liability. If you suffered a criminal attack while entering or leaving a business, you will want to speak to an attorney to determine whether you may be eligible for compensation. 

When is a Business Liable for Crimes on its Premises?

A business cannot - and is not expected to - prevent all crimes on its premises. The problem with criminals is that they are unpredictable and not likely to follow an establishment’s rules. However, in certain situations, a business does have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect its patrons from a foreseeable risk of harm, even if that risk is caused by criminal actors. 


Grand Rapids Carbon Monoxide Poisoning AttorneyCarbon Monoxide is often called a “silent killer.” It has no odor and can be impossible to identify without a detector. People who live in apartments and other small rental units are at greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning than those who live in larger accommodations. Because apartments are smaller and typically not as well-ventilated as a house, even a small amount of carbon monoxide can become extremely dangerous. In most cases, carbon monoxide leaks are preventable when appropriate safety procedures are followed. If you were poisoned by carbon monoxide in a rental unit, you will want to speak with an attorney to find out whether your landlord may be liable. 

Recognizing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be hard to identify. While even short exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide may quickly become fatal, exposure to lower levels over time can cause serious damage. The following symptoms may point to carbon monoxide: 

  • Headache


Grand Rapids Product Liability LawyerToys are supposed to be safe and fun objects for children to play with. People generally expect the products they pick up in the toy aisle to be safe for young ones. Unfortunately, there are careless toymakers who put children at risk by putting dangerous toys on the market. Dangerous design flaws may result in small parts that present a choking hazard, or an overseas manufacturer may cut corners and use paint that contains lead. Regardless of what makes the toy dangerous, sellers of unsafe commercial products are generally liable for injuries that result. If your child was injured by a dangerous toy, you should speak to an attorney as soon as you get the chance. 

What are the Most Common Defects in Children’s Toys? 

Toymakers have a duty to make sure that their products are safe for their intended users -- children. Because children are less sophisticated than adults, and toddlers are less sophisticated than older children, toymakers must consider the safety needs of each age group. While an adult or adolescent may be able to handle a toy safely, a young child may not. These common toy defects all pose a risk to children: 

  • Small parts - Very young children tend to explore the world by putting things in their mouths. Toys intended for this age group should be free of any small pieces that may detach and become a choking hazard. 


Kent County College Hazing LawyerCollege campuses are supposed to be a safe place for young adults to study and learn. Yet, campuses can be dangerous places. One of the biggest dangers to young people on college campuses may be other young people. Hazing is a practice as old as time, but the risks associated with it have led to hazing being not only banned on most campuses, but outright illegal in many places, including Michigan. If you were injured as a result of hazing, you should seek medical attention, and then get in touch with a qualified attorney. Quick investigation can be the key to recovering damages in hazing cases, and evidence may not last long on campus. 

What Types of Injuries Does Hazing Cause? 

Hazing can be done in many different ways. While hazing is often associated with sororities and fraternities, other student groups, official or unofficial, will haze just about any student. Some forms of hazing may be harmless, but others can be deadly. Some of the most common forms of hazing injuries include: 

  • Excessive intoxication injuries - A common form of hazing involves forcing new students to consume large quantities of drugs, alcohol, or both. This can result in life-threatening overdose, often requiring treatment in the emergency room. Excessive intoxication can cause other injuries, like those resulting from falls or other accidents that could have been avoided had the victim not been so intoxicated. 


Grand Rapids Personal Injury LawyerThe use of electronic cigarettes, or “vapes” has grown exponentially in the past year. Many Michigan residents made the switch from cigarettes to vapes during the pandemic, believing vaping to be healthier and safer than smoking. While the long-term effects of using a vape are still unknown, some injuries and illnesses caused by vapes have already appeared. Vaping injuries can be severe, leading to hospitalization or even life-long illness or disfigurement. If you or your minor child have been hurt by a defective product such as a vape, you may have options for pursuing compensation. You can start by contacting an attorney. 

What Types of Vape Defects Cause Harm? 

The first step towards recovering compensation in a products liability case is showing that the product was indeed defective. In Michigan, there are three types of product defects: manufacturing defects, design defects, and marketing defects. All three types of defects can be dangerous for consumers. 

Manufacturing defects occur when a mistake is made while the product is being made. Many vapes and vape components are manufactured overseas, where safety standards may not be as firmly enforced as they would be in the U.S. Design defects mean that even if nothing went wrong during manufacturing, the product would still be dangerous because it was poorly designed. 


Grand Rapids Car Accident LawyerIn 2020, passengers accounted for almost 16 percent of car crash fatalities and more than 23 percent of car crash injuries throughout Michigan. Many passenger injuries happen in multi-vehicle accidents, but a large number also happen in single-car accidents, like a crash earlier this month in Grand Rapids in which a driver collided with a pole and two passengers suffered serious injuries. The circumstances surrounding passenger injuries can sometimes make it complicated for victims to recover compensation, but it is possible with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Sources of Compensation for Injured Passengers

In most states, the first source of compensation for car accident injury victims is the at-fault driver’s liability insurance. However, in Michigan, injury victims must first look to compensation through their own no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, which is required by law in all car insurance policies throughout the state. Though it may seem counterintuitive, the most reliable source of compensation for injured passengers is often their own car insurance coverage, rather than the coverage of any of the drivers involved in the collision.

Michigan PIP coverage provides compensation for a car crash victim’s medical expenses and lost wages. If an injured passenger does not have their own PIP coverage, they may still be covered under the policy of a spouse, a parent, or another relative. If they have no access to PIP coverage of any kind, they may be able to recover through the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan.


Kent County Personal Injury AttorneyIt may seem like common sense to assume that most semi-truck accidents are caused by the actions or negligence of the driver while the truck is in transit. Certainly, truck driver negligence is a factor in many accidents, but sometimes, a truck is predisposed to an accident before it even enters the road. One factor that can greatly increase the risk of a truck accident is improperly loaded or secured cargo. If you are injured in an accident and there is evidence that shifting cargo was a factor, you may be entitled to compensation from multiple parties.

The Importance of Securing Semi-Truck Cargo

While federal regulations place an 80,000-pound gross weight limit on commercial semi-trucks and their cargo, Michigan state law actually permits trucks to carry weight of up to 164,000 pounds, provided that the weight is distributed appropriately throughout the truck such that no axle bears a weight of more than 13,000 pounds. This distribution is crucial to ensuring that the truck can be handled safely.

However, cargo that is not properly secured can shift while the truck is in motion, throwing off the weight distribution and affecting the vehicle’s balance and traction. When this happens, a truck is more likely to overturn, posing great danger to the occupants of surrounding vehicles. Unsecured cargo can also fall off of a truck and obstruct the roadway, especially if the truck has an open bed or the trailer is not closed and secured properly.


Kent County Personal Injury LawyerFor any parent, sending a child to college can be a challenging time filled with mixed emotions. You may be proud of your child’s accomplishments and excited for what they are about to experience, while at the same time feeling sad about your child moving out of the house and nervous about them living on their own. As this new school year begins, many students are about to embark on a fun and rewarding college experience, but unfortunately, for some students, their parents’ worst fears may come true. If your child is injured at college, you should be sure to understand your legal options for handling the situation.

Alcohol-Related Injuries Among College Students

Many students view college as an opportunity to try things that they were not able to do while living with their parents, and unfortunately, this often includes binge drinking. The first few weeks of college are some of the most dangerous, both because of the many social events where alcohol may be available, and the fact that many students do not fully understand the effects that alcohol will have on their bodies and mental faculties. Students who binge drink, or even those who are around others who are binge drinking, may be at risk of injury in a number of ways, including:

  • Drunk driving accidents - As passengers, drivers, or pedestrians, students on or near college campuses may be at risk of injury at the hands of a drunk driver. In the most serious cases, these injuries can be fatal.


Kent County, MI Personal Injury LawyerBicycle accidents have been a cause for concern in Michigan in recent years. Last month, a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a motor vehicle at an intersection on the west side of Grand Rapids. Statewide, bicyclist fatalities nearly doubled from 2019 to 2020, and on average, almost three bicyclists were injured every day last year. If you regularly travel by bicycle, it is important that you are prepared to handle a situation in which you are injured in an accident.

Reasons for Bicycle Accidents in Michigan

Michigan bicyclists are required to obey a number of state traffic laws, including using the right side of the road whenever possible; obeying traffic signs and yielding the right-of-way when appropriate; signaling stops and turns; and equipping their bicycles with functioning brakes, lights, and reflectors. Unfortunately, many bike accidents and injuries happen because a bicyclist fails to follow these laws.

However, another common cause for bicycle injuries is negligence on the part of the driver of a motor vehicle. As with other types of car accidents, drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding tend to be common factors. A driver may also strike a bicyclist after failing to take notice of the bicyclist, failing to yield the right-of-way to a bicyclist at an intersection, or failing to maintain the three feet of space required by Michigan law when passing a bicyclist.


Grand Rapids MI Carnival Ride Injury lawyerThis month, a startling video circulated online of a carnival ride in Traverse City, Michigan that appeared as if it might tip over backward while in motion and fully loaded with riders. Fortunately, a group of courageous bystanders stepped in to balance the ride by hanging onto the front railing, possibly preventing what could have caused catastrophic injuries to those on the ride and the bystanders.


While no one appears to have been injured in this case, the incident has made many people wary of the safety of rides at carnivals and amusement parks throughout Michigan and the United States. You may be wondering just how common amusement park ride injuries are, as well as what you can do if you or a loved one is injured.


Grand Rapids MI Construction Site Injury lawyerDespite the fact that the federal government regulates health and safety standards on construction sites, accidents resulting in serious injuries are still a regular occurrence. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry accounts for around 20 percent of work-related fatalities, or around 1,000 per year. A larger number of construction workers suffer catastrophic injuries that they must cope with for the rest of their lives.

Life-Altering Construction Injuries

The various hazards on construction sites in Michigan and throughout the U.S. expose workers to the risk of a variety of catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries - The most common causes of construction-related spinal cord injuries are falls from ladders, scaffolding, and other elevated areas, as well as accidents involving motor vehicles or heavy equipment. These injuries can cause a loss of sensation and mobility.


Grand Rapids fatal car accident attorney

According to a recent report from the Michigan State Police, the number of fatal car crashes so far in 2021 is substantially higher than at this point in 2020, with a 34 percent increase as of May. The number of accidents resulting in serious injuries has also grown significantly, up 27 percent from 2020. Given these troubling trends, it is more important now than ever that you know what to do if you or a loved one has been the victim of a serious accident.

What Is Causing More Fatal Accidents?

Michigan law enforcement officers have offered their thoughts on several possible reasons for the rise of fatal traffic accidents. One factor that is likely at play is an overall increase in vehicle traffic associated with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions as the number of cases continues to drop and the number of vaccinated people continues to increase. However, there seem to be other contributing factors as well.


Kent County MI personal injury lawyer wrong way drivers

After a recent fatal head-on collision on US-131, Grand Rapids residents have been reminded of the dangers that wrong-way drivers pose to others on the road, especially on interstate highways where vehicles are traveling at high speeds. State governments in Michigan and throughout the U.S. have made efforts to address the problem of wrong-way drivers through improved road signage and other, more technologically advanced solutions, but wrong-way highway accidents still account for around 500 deaths each year. If you or a loved one has been injured by a wrong-way driver, you are likely entitled to compensation for your damages.

Why Are Wrong-Way Accidents So Dangerous? 

The severity of wrong-way collisions is tied in large part to the fact that they tend to be head-on crashes. Head-on collisions are among the most disproportionately fatal types of car accidents for a number of reasons, including the high rate of speed at which they occur and the proximity of the point of impact to the drivers and front-seat passengers. Vehicle occupants often suffer concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, lacerations from broken windshield glass, and crush injuries resulting in broken bones, internal organ damage, and spinal cord damage.


Grand Rapids MI personal injury lawyerElectric scooters are an increasingly popular means of transportation in the U.S., especially in urban areas and on college campuses where companies like Bird, Lime, and Spin make their scooters available for short-term rental. However, the growing availability of scooters has been accompanied by more injuries, with almost 40,000 riders requiring emergency room treatment between 2014 and 2018. If you are injured in a scooter accident in the Grand Rapids area, it is important to consider your options for covering your medical expenses and other damages.

Accidents Between Scooters and Motor Vehicles

If, while riding an electric scooter, you are injured in a collision with a car, truck, or other type of motor vehicle, you may have a couple of options for recovering compensation. One option is to file a claim through the no-fault insurance coverage that Michigan law requires for anyone who drives a motor vehicle. An electric scooter is not considered a motor vehicle itself, but scooter riders who have a no-fault insurance policy for another vehicle may still be able to benefit from the coverage. As long as the accident involves a motor vehicle, no-fault personal injury coverage can take effect regardless of who caused the collision.

However, no-fault coverage often comes in limited dollar amounts, so if your injuries are severe, it might not be sufficient to compensate for all of your damages. In this case, you may be able to recover additional compensation through a personal injury claim if you can demonstrate the negligence of the motor vehicle driver who caused the collision. An attorney can help you gather evidence and document your economic and non-economic damages so that you can pursue a fair settlement.

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